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I"d even go so far to say that history conversion is one of the single most
important aspects of procuring a new system.  If you don't have history
EASILY accessible on the new system, you either:

1.  have to go to the old system for EVERY case and print the history for
your pathologists to read, or
2.  sometimes the history is converted, but it's 'separate' from the new
system history.  In that scenario you have to look 'elsewhere' in the new
system for the patient history.  Again, this is another real pain that you
feel for every case.

Not to toot our own horn so much, but that's why our history conversion
always makes the converted case look just like you entered it on the new
system.  As a side benefit, when you go 'live', all the cases in progress
are converted so that you can continue with them in the new system on day 1.

Michael Mihalik
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We use Meditech in our hospital.  Because our previous pathology system
was designed by one of our pathologists, the Meditech conversion didn't
happen smoothly.  We still have access to the old pathology and cytology
reports in another system.  It is certainly a pain in the butt.  I
believe you can purchase the "conversion" package when you purchase
Meditech.    I would think that your current CoPath could be converted
to Meditech.  I would certainly ask the question of your IS department.

Lynne Bell

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