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Mark Tarango said:

> From: "Tarango, Mark" <mtarango <@t> nvcancer.org>
> Subject: RE: [Histonet] How to choose a topic of a master degree
> thesis?
> Choose something that you can match up with some other assays. If you
> are going to do IHC pick a gene and use an antibody against the
> protein...and then come up with a good story about what it all means.
> Do some FISH, PCR and other stuff to support the IHC.  Doing IHC alone
> would most likely make for a really boring paper.
In reply to:
> Glad to be here.This is  my very post here.Iam preparing to do a master
> degree in anatomical pathology and I am little confused
> how can I choose a topic to work on my thesis? My supervisor said to me
> go
> to GOOGLE but google made me more confused!
> By the way I am in Egypt and interest in immunohistochemistry studies
> .but
> which organ I choose ?what disease I choose???
> Any comment.

My comment:
I agree with Mark Tarango.  The IHC should just be one technique that you
use in pursuing a more general question.  When I did my dissertation, I used
IHC in conjunction with other histopathologic findings, immunological tests,
and microbial cell culture to look at the pathology of Chlamydial
pneumonitis in newborn mice.  The IHC photos were a big hit with everyone on
my examining committee, but they were only a small part of the overall data.

My second opinion is that Google is a terrible place to look for a topic for
research.  I agree with those who have said to talk to mentors at your
university.  That way, when a problem arises (and I assure you that one
will), you will have someone local to consult.

Best wishes for your thesis research!

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