[Histonet] Cytology Quality Improvement standards

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Wed Sep 26 08:26:04 CDT 2007

I am the Lab Supervisor for a private lab that does urine cytology, as well as the bladder biopsies and prostate biopsies.? We do FISH as well.? I am not a cytotech and we are trying to develop some QA/QI standards and guidelines.? Currently we do not have a QA program in place for our routine cytology, other than the Histo/Cyto Correlation because all screened slides are signed out by a Pathologist so we get 100 QA on them anyway.

But, when I go back to do the Histo/Cyto Correlation, there are sometimes discrepancies.? For instance, the cytology will be negative, the FISH will be negative, but the bladder biopsies will show TCC.? So, in order to continue to stop doing the Correlation of these findings in a vacuum, we need some kind of standards as to what % discrepant diagnosis is acceptable.? How many false positives, false negatives, etc..can be expected.

Does anyone have any insight on this and can shed some light on this for me??


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