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   Is there any possibility that the multiple cores are from different parts
of the prostate that may have metastasises from other places like kidney &
   Ultimately you can do this how you like. It is just important to know the
limitations of your testing and be aware that this can bite you in the a$$
later on.

Just my $0.02

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> But what if all of the blocks are prostate core biopsies?
> Roxanne
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> Hypothetically:
>      Let's say an endometriosis case has several parts as they commonly do.
> A) Uterus bx (obviously), B) Ovary, C) Lg Colon bx, D) Kidney E) Liver Bx.
> So an IHC is ordered on the case and randomly part A is chosen as a
> representative negative control. Have you ever noticed how much endogenous
> biotin is in kidney & liver? Since there is not a negative control on it
> there is no real way of knowing that the labeling that one would see there
> is not real.
>      Honestly having a negative on each block is best, if not for eash test
> being run (a tall order for sure!). Before polymer detection became popular
> I once used kidney as a positive control for CD10. It labels the brush
> boarder of the proximal convuluded tubule really nicely. Problem is that
> this is also a great place to find endogenous biotin! This really sold me on
> the use of negative controls. Thanks Mary!
> Have a nice day,
> Amos
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> How many non-CAP labs out there are doing negative controls on every block
> that you do an antibody on?
> If you have a case that goes A-J and they are all 1 block each and you do an
> AE1/AE3 on blocks B,C,F,& J, will you do a negative on every block or just
> one for the entire case?
> This has been an ongoing debate with us.? We typincally only do 1 negative
> control for the case and given the above example, it might be on block A.?
> We ususally cut an extra on every block we cut and when the IHC is requested
> we just go and pull it and for the negative, we just grab whatever slide is
> left to run the negative on.? What is everyone else doing??
> Roxanne
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