[Histonet] a funny for Friday

Jackie M O'Connor Jackie.O'Connor <@t> abbott.com
Fri Sep 14 11:03:05 CDT 2007

A duck walks into a bar - the bartender asks "What do you want?"
Duck replies "Do you have any corn?". 
Bartender says "We don't have any corn" - duck leaves.
The next day, the duck walks back into the bar again and asks "Do you have 
any corn"?

Bartender says "Stupid duck, this is a BAR - we don't serve corn, and we
don't like ducks.  If you come back in here asking for corn again, I'll 
nail those flat feet of yours
to the bar".  Duck leaves.

Next day, duck comes back into the same bar.  The bartender crosses his 
over his chest and glares as the duck approaches the bar.
Bartender growls, "What do you want". 
Duck says "Got any nails?"  Bartender says "Nooooooooo....."
Duck says, "Then I'd like some corn".

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