[Histonet] Retiring 2/1/08

Fail, Mildred M. failm <@t> musc.edu
Thu Nov 29 13:09:19 CST 2007

I am retiring February 1st, If you are looking for a great place to live
and work try Charleston, SC. Wonderful beaches, beautiful
gardens.Spoleto in the spring.
 The job is challenging, but there is so much variety, boredom is never
a problem. Immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, muscle
histochemistry, special stains, And still so much to learn. My boss is
always open to learning new techniques.And being the editor of the
Histologic encourages the staff to share their expertise with others by
submitting articles to the Histologic. The salary being offered is quite
good. (A bit more than I'm paid actually)I've been fortunate, to be able
to work at a profession that I enjoyed in a institution I respected. But
its time for me to spend some time with family and play at other

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