[Histonet] RE: NaCl in antibody diluent

C.M. van der Loos c.m.vanderloos <@t> amc.uva.nl
Wed Nov 28 01:41:27 CST 2007

   <BODY><P>Jennifer  and Rene,</P> <P>As Rene said the
   NaCl  is  part  of the PBS. The 0.9% concentra   0.15  M.  I have heard (but never tested) of somebody    the  NaCl  concentration  to  0.5  M  for  reducing non-specific ba   ckground  staining. He used this high salt PBS not only for diluting
   the   concent   certainly     destroy   <P>Cheers,</P>      <P>Chris     van     der     Loos,
   PhD<BR>Dept.   of  Pathology<BR>Acade   M2-230<BR>Meibergdreef  9<BR>NL-1105 AZ Amsterd   Netherlands</P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>Date: Tue, 27
   Nov   2007  09:44:33  -0800  (PST)<BR>From:   &lt;rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com&gt;<BR>Subject:         Re:   [Histonet]  NaCl  in  antibody  diluent<BR>To:  "Harvey,
   Jennif   &lt;jennifer.harvey <@t> Vanderbilt.Edu&gt;,<BR>   histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu<BR><BR>Jennifer:<B
   R>   in  PBS  wit   is  part  of  the  P   additional NaCl<BR>&   J.<BR><BR>"Harvey,     Jennifer     Lynn"    &lt;   jennifer.harvey <@t> Vanderbilt.Edu&gt;
   wrote:<BR>&nbsp;   H   tried   NaCl   in   there   diluent   buffer   f   what<BR>concentration.   I   read   about   it   in  DAKO's     immunostaining  methods  booklet<BR>but  they  don't  state  the
   concentr   problem.   I  ha   of.<BR><BR>Thanks!<

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