[Histonet] HELP Need a Sample Business Plan in Histology

Ali A. Krasht aakrasht <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 20:23:38 CST 2007

Hi There

Anyone would like to help, I need a sample business plan for opening a Histology lab  (human tissue in Dallas Texas); basically focusing on technical and surgical  dermatological samples where its going to involve all aspects in Histology from mohs,special stains,immunos,mycology,embedding, cutting, staining etc... so I can have an idea in how to plan or write, specially the projection part is given me trouble.  

I got all the outline from the Small Business Bureau on how to write it but I need a little help by sending me a sample plan please, I could not find any online.

Thanks for your time and attention on this matter.


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