[Histonet] RE: Rapid decalcifiers

Pixley, Sarah (pixleysk) PIXLEYSK <@t> UCMAIL.UC.EDU
Mon Nov 19 10:40:18 CST 2007

RE: Decalcifying:

We found that when we used a Rapid decalcifier (RDO) with our bony
tissue, we could not get BrdU immunostaining to work. The BrdU stain
worked with EDTA decalcification, but that takes a very long time (> 1
week). Then, we found that we could get great staining with 10% Formic
acid, which takes only 3-4 days. We put in an ion exchange resin also to
soak up the ions and keep it in a fume hood, stirring, with the samples
suspended from strings, in biopsy bags. Ion exchange resin:  Rexyn 101 H
ion exchange resin  Fisher # 231-500. 

Make 6-10 liters of 10% formic acid (10% from the stock, which is
actually 90%)
Add 500 g of resin

Sarah Pixley

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