[Histonet] Histotechnician vs. Histotechnologist exam and resources

Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Sun Nov 18 07:58:31 CST 2007

Your limited experience will be a handicap for either exam, but since you ha ve a BS I don't see why you should opt for the HT instead of the HTL exam.
  Go for the HTL, you will be equally challenged and the outcome will be better.
  Now, there are additional things in the HTL exam (like IHC) that perhaps you will find more challenging.
  As to reading, any good book will sufice as a reading source, but nothing will give you the day to day knowledge but practice.
  René J.

Patty Dunlop <pdunlop720 <@t> gmail.com> wrote:

I am preparing to apply to take either the histotechnician exam (HT) or the
histotechnologist exam (HTL) and am not sure which one to take. I have a
b.s. in biology, but did not take any histo courses. Would the HTL be too
bold for me? I worked 3 years in a pathology lab working with animal tissue
at Merck, so I do not have a wide knowledge of histology from my work
Also, what reading/study materials are recommended for someone who needs to
learn about all the basics for the exam?


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