[Histonet] processing

Maxim Peshkov Maxim_71 <@t> mail.ru
Wed Nov 14 11:46:56 CST 2007

We always fixes our breast specimens with 10%
formalin and earlier have had great troubles in
processing and cutting. When we started use acetone as
dehydratant and mixtures of aliphatic hydrocarbons
(C7-C10) as clearant, then we got much better
results than earlier, but some difficultes in
cut still here. Now we use isopropanol as
dehydratant and mineral oil as clearant and have
best results without any problems. We process all
our tissues manually and simultaneously with all
specimens, including curretage, bone, uterus, skin
etc. Our pathologists and
pathologists from other hospitals like these
Next year we will be do IHC for breast.
Maxim Peshkov

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