[Histonet] Price listing per type of stain

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Mon Nov 5 02:27:54 CST 2007

"Hi There

I am a histotechnologist and trying to open a general Histology
laboratory and I need some one to help me on the price listing per type
of stain H&E, special stains and Immunoflourence and Ill really
apprecial your help on this matter and thank you.

Please send me the list if you want by attachment or if you know any
where I can buy or a link on the web it will be greatly appreciated and
thank you again.


Odd way round! To decide on your pricing surely you must look at your
running costs and Company costs and then by looking at the work you are
carrying out you figure out the price (by calculating your profit margin
and putting that on top of your costs). If you use someone else's prices
then how do you know if you are profitable as your costs are unlikely to
be the same as theirs? If they are unprofitable then so will you be, if
they are making money how will you know if you are? Surely your Business
Plan will have all these calculations in them in order to get funding
from Banks, or friends, or even to protect your own capital?

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