[Histonet] Mucin overstained with Hematoxylin in G.I. specimens

Kemlo Rogerson Kemlo.Rogerson <@t> waht.swest.nhs.uk
Mon Nov 5 02:21:24 CST 2007

I found that when haematoxylin was 'old' I used to have that problem; I
made my own 'Gill 3' variant and knew when the stain was 'going off'
when mucin started to stain; the cure was a new batch of 'Gill's'. I'm
assuming that the haematin oxidises to oxyhaematin and maybe this stains
in a different way to its reduced brother. Your differentiation time
seems rather short for Gill's 3 but even then, longer differentiation
rarely eradicates the problem. The change of haematoxylin by Rene sort
of suggests that it's a problem with that make/ or batch and obtaining
another make or batch has solved the problem without solving the
problem, if you see what I mean.

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