[Histonet] Problems using Pap Pen

Tilman Krieger tilman.fuldatal <@t> web.de
Fri Mar 30 14:40:47 CDT 2007

Hello and thanks a lot for all your advices. I could perform a much
better staining of my brain sections now. I used the same protocol as
before but this time I made draw the circles with my PAP-Pen as big as
possible - about 5 millimeters away from the tissue. and this time I
coud avoud staining just fragmants of the brain. Of course I had to use
a bit more fluid for every section (40 mycroliters each). But it was
worth it.
I also wondered if it is necessary to let the PAP-Pen dry or not. I
tested this by letting some of my sections dry for 10, others for about
30 seconds, at so I blew, others were directly given into BSA-solution.
My result: There is NO difference at all.
The idea of using normal wax pencils instead of a PAP-Pen sounds
interesting - would be much cheaper. But I did not test this yet.
Thanks agagin.
Sincerely, Til / MR

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