[Histonet] Murine brain perfusion

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Fri Mar 30 09:56:23 CDT 2007

hi everyone - 

the only other thing i would add is, unless you are going to do 
immunohistochemistry and are worried about epitopes falling off in the fix, would be to 
perfuse as everyone has stated   and then decapitate, peel the skin over the 
skull back, remove the top of the calvarium, and let the brain sit in the 
calvarium overnight in the fixative you have chosen (i usually use 10% NBF, but i do 
paraffin embedded histo). this really gives a nice fix to the neurons before 
removing from the calvarium. I have done it both ways, and feel like there are 
much fewer compressed neurons (that can mimic or obscure neuronal necrosis) if 
you let it really fix before you touch it. 

hope this helps!


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