[Histonet] tape transfer paraffin question

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   The tape transfer system often leaves a resin on the slides.  If folks
   don't  soak  the  tape  in the solution that removes the tape then you
   will  get left over glue and possibly tape left on the slide.  I don't
   recommend the tape method for cutting array blocks.  It is mostly used
   by  techs  who  are  either  inexperienced or have a hard time cutting
   array  blocks.   The  samples are often uninterpretable because of the
   Tape Sectioning Aid System.



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     >Sometimes  those parts of the tape stick to the slide.  As long as
     >pink tape is gone, the area over the cores should be free of tape.
     >Tom Pier
     > >>> "Tamara A Howard" <thoward <@t> unm.edu> 03/26/07 2:17 PM >>>
     >I've been given 2 tissue array slides that were made using
     >one of the tape transfer systems. I've never had tape
     >slides - isn't the tape supposed to be removed before
     >staining? The supplier of the slides says to just proceed
     >as usual, but these look to me as if they still have tape,
     >and I can see the "this side to adhesive" & "knife edge"
     >(or whatever the other message is) - shouldn't those
     >messages be gone if the tape has been removed? Maybe they
     >are supposed to look this way, and I'm just being paranoid
     >(they are ungodly expensive samples).
     >Tamara Howard
     >Cell Biology & Physiology
     >Albuquerque, NM
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