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 But why stop there instead of the real thing?
The antifreeze stops the precipitation of haematin in Gill's.
Isn't it everyone's dream to make it last longer:-)


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To make Harris' hematoxylin mercury free you only need to substitute 0.5 grams of sodium iodate for the  2.5 grams of mercuric oxide in the existing formula.
This is sufficient to oxidize the 5.0 grams of hematoxylin present and will result in a longer useful shelf life.
( See Lillie's text)
If you increase the hematoxylin content by 50% you will have to increase the amount of oxidant and will also dramatically alter the dye/mordant ratio.
The resulting solution will not stain like Harris', instead it will have a shorter staining time, or require more differentiation and have a reduced shelf life since it will rapidly precipitate the dye lake.


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If you want to use Gill's then you must use the Aluminium Sulphate, If you 
want to use the higher strengths of Gill's (double and triple strengths) 
then make sure that ALL the proportions are done properly, other wise it 
won't work.
It is possible to use Harris's that is mercury free if you are happier with 
that, but the Haematoxylin content needs to be increased by about 50%. can 
give you fuller details if you need them.
Good staining!
Duncan Wood,
Consultant, Clin-Tech Ltd., UK

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From: "Wurdak, Elizabeth"
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Hello Histonetters,
We have decided to switch from Harris' hematoxylin to Gill's to avoid using
mercury. I have a couple of recipes for Gill's hematoxylin. They both call
for aluminum sulfate and sodium iodate. I have only ammonia alum,
NH4Al(SO4)2x12H2O, or potassium alum, KAl(SO4)2x12H2O and sodium periodate
on hand. Can I use these reagents instead and do I need to modify the
quantities of each. The IHC World recipe requires 0.2g sodium iodate and
20g aluminum sulfate for 1020 ml of the single strength hematoxylin (2g)
Thanks for any help you can give me.

Elizabeth Wurdak, PhD
Biology Department
Saint John¹s University
Collegeville, MN 56321
Tel: (320) 363-3177

On 3/19/07 8:58 AM, "SHargrove <@t> urhcs.org" wrote:

> Regarding the processing of prostate biopsies, We have a "short run" on 
> one
> of the VIP's that we use for all biopsies. Our alcohols are graded from 
> 70%
> - 100%. We used to use sponges for ours and the pathologist thought it
> caused some breaking. Imagine the tissue bouncing off of the pores of the
> sponge. Now all needle biopsies are wrapped in paper before processing. We
> are having much better results .We still use sponges for biopsies. Be sure
> the sponges are saturated with formalin before use, and they will not
> float.
> Susie Hargrove
> Tech Specialist Histology
> United Regional
> Wichita Falls, Texas
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From: "Martinez, Angela"
Subject: [Histonet] Opportunity
<9B8A3AC772C7F64680392A7CB8FBFB0F01CFD9B1 <@t> s-irv-ex301.PathologyPartners.intranet>

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Caris would like to announce a new job opening in the Phoenix Arizona
location. The position is for a full time Histotechnologist. This
position will entail routine Histology including: specimen processing,
embedding, microtomy, staining, and immunohistochemistry. Candidates
should be HT certified and should possess a BS degree. Further,
candidates should have 1-3 years experience in embedding and sectioning
of surgical specimens in a certified Histopathology laboratory.
Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a high volume
environment is required.

To apply, please e-mail resume to:
amartine <@t> carisdx.com

Angela Martinez

Human Resources Coordinator

Caris Diagnostics

8400 Esters Blvd. Suite 190

Irving, TX 75063

214-277-8700 Phone

214-596-7490- Fax

214-538-6235 Cell


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Please unsubscribe due to vacation.

Pat Karlisch
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Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Mail Code H179
Hershey, PA 17033
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