[Histonet] Re: A Good Bile Control For Fouchet's Procedure

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Wed Mar 14 13:37:20 CDT 2007

Wayne Ozanne (where in Canada?) writes:

>>I currently have no good positive control for the Fouchet's SOP for 
detecting bile. We are currently using old, pre-cut positive control 
slides that I am sure at some point demonstrated a strong positive 
staining reaction. We are currently seeing positive green staining, 
however it is very light. I am certain this is from the old, precut 
slides. - Has anyone stained gall bladder and is it positive?<<

I've never known anyone to actually do a bile stain, because bile is 
usually obvious in the H & E. Oxidizing agents oxidize yellow-brown 
bilirubin to green biliverdin. Hall's technique (1960) uses Fouchet's 
(pronounced foo-SHAY) reagent (1917), a fresh mixture of trichloracetic 
acid and ferric chloride, as the oxidizing agent. (All this from 
Bancroft & Stevens).

Lee Luna in the AFIP manual has a complex method for meconium in 
placentas that may be worth looking at. The issue is rarely addressed, 
but I think that meconium has the same staining reactions as ordinary 
bilirubin, so that you might be able to use a block of rolled fetal 
membranes with meconium macrophages (very common) as a control. (If you 
try this, please let us all know the results.)

An occasional section of gallbladder will have some stainable bile, but 
I'd prefer liver - probably from an autopsy - with bile stasis. Could 
you locate such a case in your files?

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN
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