[Histonet] mouse spinal cord atlas

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Thank you for the suggestions.  Yes, I have checked Google and Tom.  I
will look into Mario's work.  We are developing a gene expression atlas.
A histological atlas is being created now by others, which will help a
great deal.


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Have you tried looking through google? I know it sounds silly, but
many people have their data posted online, whether through journals or
their institute.
Also, I would consult someone who publishes frequently on mouse spinal
cord development.  For example, my PI knows that the lumbar region in
mice corresponds to certain anatomical features--this is through
extensive research on pubmed, not any book she has.
I can also suggest two names for research online or correspondence:
Mario Capecchi and Tom Jessell.  There are many other labs dealing
with mouse spinal cord development, but these come to mind first.
PLEASE note that I'm saying this personally, not through my lab or my

these things happen, you know, you go for a walk in the park one day
and wheelchair ninjas and nazis and pots-and-pans robots show up to
kill you and dinosaurs show up to eat the remains.

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