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  I assure you that these photos are a true representation of  what is 
happening in all of the former Soviet Countries. For more information  please go to 
my website that discusses what my husband and I are doing in  Ukraine.  
_www.aump.org_ (http://www.aump.org)  All volunteer  and non profit. 
 For many years now the two of us travel to the hospitals there to  help in 
any way we can with the pathology departments. Occasionally we will have  the 
good fortune of another expert in other fields join us and help in their  small 
way. Through these people we have seen that all the departments are  similar.
 So we spend our vacation days and all the money we can save to bring  the 
cast offs from America. To them anything is brand new and much  cherished.
 I might add that there is no money or economy now. So they exist off  the 
charity of others.

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