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    There are several stains for hemoglobin. I recall using benzidine in 
the past but the details escape me at the moment. You can stain 
hemoglobin red and hemosiderin blue with a method developed by Puchtler 
and Sweat (Archiv. Pathol. 75:588, 1963). A simpler stain is the 
Dunn-Thompson method (Archiv. Pathol. 39:49, 1945).



Derek Papalegis wrote:
> Hi All,
> An investigator has asked me to stain some sections for hemoglobin. I 
> have already provided him with an iron stain and he wants to go 
> further with it. Can anyone recommend a stain specifically for 
> hemoglobin? I have found some for hemosiderin but I am unsure as to if 
> they will be sufficient.  If someone could let me know what stain they 
> use and what the procedure is I would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks!
> -Derek

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