[Histonet] Slide subbing vs superfrost plus, pros/cons?

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Mon Jul 23 10:04:09 CDT 2007

For me, it is a time consideration.  Time is money and I do not have the 
time to order slides, make up reagent, dip, dry etc, etc.  For us, the cost 
of buying Plus charge or PolySine slides is costing my department less than 
me doing it, and it doesn't take me away from more important tasks when the 
histo lab does not have extra laboratory staff to do the work.   If the 
researcher does not want to buy the more expensive coated slides, then they 
have to deal with coatings in their own labs and any attendant problems 
with poor coating results.  Researchers here have to buy all their own 
slides anyway with their funding.

However, some people have to hand sub or coat with silane or poly l lysine 
when working with large slides or special tissues.  With huge decalcified 
bone sections in the past, we did special gelatin subbing of 4 X 5 inch 

I think it is important that students and even histotechs should know how 
to do subbing or plus charge coatings of slides though.  it is a good 
learning experience.

At 01:19 PM 7/22/2007, you wrote:
>Since Maria brought up poly-l-lysine subbing, what are the
>advantages/disadvantages of subbing slides versus purchasing the superfrost
>plus slides? I used to sub slides back in the day, but when I have money I
>will buy the commercial slides. However, recently I have had variable
>results with tissues falling off during processing, especially protease
>treatments. I am considering returning to subbing, or at least training
>undergraduates to do the subbing as coursework.
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