[Histonet] Ripples in Arterial sections

JR R rosenfeldtek <@t> hotmail.com
Wed Jul 18 17:55:35 CDT 2007

   I  am cutting 5 micron sections from formalin fixed, paraffin embedded
   segments of rabbit abdominal aorta.

   I  float  my  ribbons  in  a  warm water bath then pick them up with a
   Superfrost Plus slide.

   When  I  check  my  sections  uner the microscope, the sections have a
   wavy,  or rippled appearance--It is not really "wrinkles, in the sense
   of  the paraffin  folding  and  sticking  to  itself--it  is as if the
   arterial  segment  is  contracting  after  being cut.  It looks like a
   circular roadway that dips down then up, then down, then up...

   Has  anyone  ever  seen  this  artifact  with  arterial sections?  Any
   ideas abiut why uit happens and what I could do to prevent it?


   Jerry L. Ricks

   Research Scientist

   U.W. Medicine at South Lake Union

   815 Mercer Street

   Seattle, WA 98109


   [1]See what youre getting intobefore you go there 


   1. http://g.msn.com/8HMAENUS/2734??PS=47575

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