[Histonet] Re: Phosphorylation and IHC

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Wed Jul 18 10:10:44 CDT 2007

Roche has PhosStop which should be added to the fixative and to all other 
buffers to prevent dephosphorylation in formalin fixed tissue sections for 
immunohistochemical staining.   They will send you a free sample. It is 
called PhosStop, a phosphatase inhibitor cocktail tablet.  Catalog # is 04 
906 845 001 for 10 tablets, and they have 20 tablet packages too.

  At 01:06 PM 7/17/2007, you wrote:

>I know phosphoylation  was kind of a hot topic at the last NSH.   I will 
>have to start looking at phosphoylation states in the near future.  Do you 
>have any suggestions?
>IHC on rat tisssues- spinal cord, brain and possibly dorsal root ganglia.
>Is perfusion or fixation preferred.
>What about frozen, how should the tissue be frozen.
>Any suggestion about buffers?

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