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  You can differentiate (lower) the hematoxylin staining and it will not affect DAB staining BUT do it gently: prepare a 0.5% HCl in distilled water. Since hematoxylin acts as a pH indicator, immerse the slides one at a time in the solution until it turns PINK (in a few seconds); take the slide to a 1% aq. sol. of lithium carbonate until it turns BLUE; observe under the microscope to see if the contrat you want has been reached. If still too dark, repeat until you get the contrats you want.
  For the multinuclear cell use a Giemsa modification for tissue (under separate cover I am sending the protocol).
  René J.

louise renton <louise.renton <@t> gmail.com> wrote:
  Hi all, I have 2 questions to ask.

The first is...If I have counterstained my immuno too heaviliy with
haematoxylin, can I decolourise with acid alcohol & restain or will it
affect the DAB?

The second is.....Is there a tinctorial stain I can use to differentiate
multinucleated giant cells from muscle? I cannot use immuno, as the tissue
has been badly treated (poor things) and thus IHC is muddy & yucky.

Thank you, best reagrds & have a great weekend

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