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A query on xylene subs is welcome to the histonet since it brings out
new answers, but  you should also check the archives since it  really
give much more info since this is a really common question. Just a
suggestion to supplement the responses.  On a personal note I have had
luck with many such as Formula 83, hemo de, d limonene, clear rite,  for
processing and many others that I cannot recall because of too much
exposure to these items! I still like to use xylene for staining and
coverslipping  but most subs are fine for processing.  I hear Richard
Allan has great stuff too but I am not much for proprietary systems for
many reasons.  I know R.Allan has excellent systems that work.  I do not
use them, I recycle and make my own Hematoxylin and eosin and bluing
agent to save money and have complete control over the H&E process.  For
processing I also use recycled xylene and alcohols except for the 100%
which I still have to purchase of course.   In seminars I have attended
some of the newer techs out there using these proprietary systems have
no idea what to do when things go wrong what to do, although the
companies are very helpful in troubleshooting.



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