[Histonet] Quantitative Imaging Cytometry Seminar in Cambridge, UK

Kate Hilburn KHilburn <@t> compucyte.com
Wed Jul 11 09:02:31 CDT 2007

I want to inform you of the symposium devoted to Quantitative Imaging
Cytometry on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 18 at the Cambridge
Research Institute of Cancer Research UK in Cambridge, England.


The registration deadline is Thursday, July 12 and cannot be extended,
as the Cancer Research Institute in Cambridge is a secure facility, and
arrangements to allow access to the building must be put in place in
advance.  No last-minute registration requests can be honored.


Scheduled presentations include:


*         "Laser Scanning Cytometry Technology for Life Sciences and
Drug Discovery" (with focus on cell-based applications, e.g., cell
cycle, apoptosis, high-content pre-clinical safety and toxicology
assays, rare cell analysis, immunophenotyping, etc.) - Ed Luther,
Principal Scientist, CompuCyte Corporation

*         "LSC analysis of tissue microarrays:  Application to
subcellular localization of p27 and prostate cancer recurrence" - Peter
Gann, Director, Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, University
of Illinois at Chicago, USA

*         "Use of LSC technology in the department of ultrastructural
pathology" - David Krull, Senior Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline, NC, USA


A demonstration of the iCys(r) Research Imaging Cytometer equipped with
three lasers (Violet 405nm, Blue 488nm, Red 633nm), 3PMTs, laser scatter
and laser light loss detectors and confocal option based on Yokogawa
spinning disk technology will be offered by appointment at the
Microscopy and Imaging facility of Cancer Research UK, Cambridge
Research Institute, Robinson Way, Cambridge CB2 0RE.


This will be an excellent opportunity to learn from the most advanced
users of Quantitative Imaging Cytometry technology in academic
institutions and pharmaceutical companies.


The meeting and demonstration are free of charge. Please register at
>  by Thursday, July 12.  More information is available at
www.compucyte.com <http://www.compucyte.com/> .


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