[Histonet] sucrose and formalin

Galina Deyneko galinadeyneko <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 14:52:37 CDT 2007

Hi Kemlo and Colleagues,
  Very interesting information about using sucrose before formalin fixation, but do you mind to explain ,what is an application of this method  and advantage over formalin fixation alone? Also in the recipe you wrote  "10 ml formalin" - is it 10 %NBF or 37%.What the role of Calcium acetate ?
  As well I would like to share my occasionally experience. I processed formalin fixed kidneys, which were in 30% for week without intensive wash and I did not see any difference in  the sectioning ( 2 microns)and H&E staining.
  Thank you in advance.
  Galina Deyneko
  Novartis, Cambridge MA

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