[Histonet] Re: Histonet Digest, Vol 43, Issue 40

Emily Sours talulahgosh <@t> gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 00:24:01 CDT 2007

It sounds silly, but I think you might be pouring the paraffin too fast.
Try slowing down when you get to that point.
Also, you could pour the paraffin down a stirring rod into the mold.
If you don't have a vacuum oven for your paraffin, that could also be
your problem.  I know I said this in the last email, but we've never
had bubble problems, and we embed very quickly.  The vacuum may make
the bubble difference.  In fact, the only reason we use the vacuum
oven (as opposed to anything that would melt the paraffin) is because
it gets rid of bubbles.

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