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Wed Jan 31 10:23:45 CST 2007

I couldn't agree more. I think that the practical is the more 
important part of the exam. The stuff on the written can always be 
looked up--but just knowing what is in a fixative etc. does not mean 
one can cut good sections or troubleshoot a stain. My boss--a busy 
Neuropathologist does not relish the idea of having to include 
cutting, staining as part of a hiring interview!!!

LuAnn Anderson HT(ASCP)

At 09:37 AM 1/31/2007, Cheri Miller wrote:
>I cant believe they stopped the practicum part of the test. I just took it
>a few years back. I would never be the tech I am had I not had to practice
>and cut hundreds of slides looking for that perfect one or that perfect
>stain, tissue etc.  Just my opinion, Cheri
>Cheri MIller HT ASCP Histology Supervisor, Phys Laboratory. Omaha Ne
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>Are we discussing the HT or the HTL?
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>         Funny how that test is so different every time...  I found the
>opposite to
>         be true.  I had some questions on my cert. exam that were word for
>word out
>         of the ASCP book.  I found the NSH series to be more of a waste.
>         Good luck to anyone taking the test!
>         Rhonda B.
>         On 1/29/07, MICHELLE SEAGLE <mrsseagle <@t> yahoo.com> wrote:
>         >
>         > Don't waste your time or money on the ASCP practical exam
>questions, what
>         > a waste.
>         >
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