[Histonet] Goldner's Trichrome Staining

Tiffany Pitts tes4 <@t> u.washington.edu
Wed Jan 24 10:28:48 CST 2007

Hello and Good Morning all!

I hoped not to have to bother you all with this question but an extensive 
search through the Histonet archives did not turn up the information that I 
needed so here I am asking for help. My situation is as follows:

I have been cutting MMA embedded mouse bones and staining them with a 
version of Goldner's trichrome stain. I learned this technique from a 
colleague who has since moved far far away and is no longer in the sciences. 
I have been merrily chuffing away on my project when I came to a screeching 
halt two days ago because I have run out of one of the staining reagents. I 
thought to just look it up on Stains File and get back to business but every 
protocol I have found so far differs wildly from the protocol I have been 
following (that has been giving me pretty satisfactory results) In a nut 
shell here's what I've been doing:

Weigart's Hematoxilyn
1% HCl
Saturated Lithium carbide Sol'n
"Goldner's Trichrome Stain" reagent (?!?!?)
wash for 1 min
dehydrate and coverslip

It is the "Goldner's Trichrome Stain" reagent that I have run out of and 
when I looked up my former colleague's notes she has "See Julie" instead of 
a recipe. Well, Julie is no longer with us either and I am running out of 
places to look! Can anybody tell me what they think this All-in-one reagent 
might be? Or perhaps suggest a different solution (pun not intended)? I 
would be so grateful.
Thank you so much,

Tiffany Pitts
Department of Urology
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

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