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Tue Jan 23 15:27:48 CST 2007

Hi Atoska:

    The pituitary is not in the brain, it is attached to the ventral 
surface by a stalk, the infindibulum. Once the brain is removed, the 
stalk breaks and the pituitary is left in the sphenoid bone. If you cut 
through the brainstem and carefully lift the brain out of the skull, you 
will see the infindibulum just posterior to the optic chiasm.


Atoska Gentry wrote:

> Hello, does anyone have info on an atlas/manual in which the pituitary 
> of either mouse or rat brain is distinctively displayed? We have a 
> research collaborator who is  specifically interested in studying 
> mouse pituitary. But, we have not been able to find an atlas which 
> shows it's exact location in mouse brain. And it is obviously not 
> distinguishable upon gross exam. Your prompt replies will be much 
> appreciated. Atoska :-)

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