[Histonet] i bought a tissue processor on EBAY!

Debbie Keith debbiekeith <@t> cox.net
Mon Jan 22 17:03:01 CST 2007

hey everyone!

I've been wrestling with a problem and it finally occurred to me to bring 
it here.  you were all a great resource during the "cryostat debacle of 
2006".  yes, that time was so traumatic it earned quotation marks....  ;)

i've been trying to set up a lab (CHEAP) and i purchased an older shandon 
hypercenter tissue processor on (GULP) e-bay.  it was
C-H-E-A-P.  it got damaged by the freight company so i'm having to jump 
through a million hoops to get reimbursed.  the key that is required for 
programming got bent to the point of breaking off... now it is STUCK in the 
machine. two of the ribbon-cable serial ports were actually bent inward, 
the reagent hose was broken and the machine used to power up... now turns 
on to a screen that says "internal error".

i have to have a biomedical person look at it... and determine it is not 
worth repair and send a letter on company letter-head.  i called my 
biomedical person... and they don't work on shandon...  NARF!

i paid $770 for the thing.  what are the odds that i might be able to fix 
it for less than the price i paid?

anyone out there want parts for THEIR hypercenter?  maybe it'd be easier to 
sell what is salvageable AND help other histnetters out there the MIGHT be 
looking for a reagent reservoir or something?

AND if anyone has a shandon citadel laying around they might wanna get rid 
of...  let me know.  :)

(i work for the CHEAPEST Dr. on the planet!!!!)

i appreciate any input...  :)


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