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Dear Mary Beth,

I agree with Rene's reply email on this, but to be sure remove the
cutting knife or blade, cover the specimen clamp and hold firmly with a
cloth to eliminate frost bite and in the mid cutting position holding
the cutting handwheel too, try to move the specimen clamp from side to
side then up and down to see if there is a slight amount of movement in
the slideways or bearings. If it is side to side movement the vertical
slidways will need adjusting if up and down movement the microtome will
need a bearing changed. One other thing to note is that this microtome
was fitted in too high a position in the microtome chamber, to over come
this design fault they were fitted with a refrigerated specimen holder
with many developing leaks due to the constant movement during
sectioning, if your ventilation is too close to the opening of the
microtome chamber and disturbing the air in this chamber it would also
cause sectioning problems.

I hope this assist you in overcoming your problem

Best Regards

Alan Bright

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Hi everyone,
This is my first message. I just found this site and hope anyone can
help..and I'm a histotech NOT a speller. We moved into a new lab in
October 2006. It is really nice compared to our old one. The ventalation
is great. There is no fume smell at all. Also there is no humidity. I
have NEVER had so much trouble cutting. We got a humidifier but it
doesn't seem to do any good. I can't get a ribbon to form but only on
bigger specimens. The biopsies (gi,bladder etc) seem to cut ok. Now
suddenly the pathologist is asking for thinner sections. He is convinced
we need a new mictotome that ours is not cutting right. We have a Lietz
and have had it since 1994, We cut on 4um. It takes us twice as long to
cut as it ever has. I have spoken to the engineers and they say they
can't put any moisture in the air. How can the biopsies cut ok but the
big specimens be too thick? Mary Beth

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