[Histonet] Bone Necrosis

Patricia Adams alaskagirl1950 <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 10:13:45 CST 2007

I agree that the cacaliberf the bullet is of
importance, I grew up on a homestead in Alaska.
Any time my siblings and I went walking, I had to
carry my fathers 357 in a holster....quite a few
years ago. Had to protect ourselves from moose
and bear!  Also didn't have elelectricitynd
running water (did have indoor plumbing).
I just spoke to the Pathologist and she said the
bullet had been removed before, but seem that the
bone reaction is close to that area.  She had to
teach a class, when I am able to sit and talk to
her I will try to understand more what she is
looking for.
Thank you so much for the help so far.

Patricia Adams
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