[Histonet] Bone Necrosis

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I am not a pathologist but if there is osteoporosis I believe that this would generally be in more than one site and may be shown with X-rays. 
Necrosis on the other hand, I would assume in this case, to be more localized and due to the local injury.
(Necrosis is also classified as various types).
A general histological examination of the area, presence of cell debris, apoptotic cells, inflammatory cells and their types, etc. should allow you to distinguish between necrosis and osteoporosis.
Let's have comments from pathologists dealing with bone please.

A small point is that here in Texas (and I'm sure that Rene would agree) we like to be specific, was the bullet a 38, 44, 45, 9mm etc?

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  Excuse my ignorance but, as far as I know, necrosis is one thing and osteoporosis is another. Necrosis is decayed bone due to a dead structure and osteoporosis is the loss of bone due to decalcification usually an aging process.
  Perhaps you could clarify me that.
  About the stain: any stain for bone (or even a simple H&E) will stain the structures, it is then that the pathologist, based in what she sees, to stablish the diagnosis.
  Also if what she sees in the X-rays is localized and near the bullet, that should be the cause. Osteoporosis is a more generalized process that will be seen even far from the bullet.
  Just my 2 cents!
  René J.

Patricia Adams <alaskagirl1950 <@t> yahoo.com> wrote:
  Hello everyone,
It is finally Friday! My second Friday this
week, since I had myself convinced that yesterday
was also Friday....bummer! 

Now my question to everyone!

A dog came into the Vet School Clinic and had a
bone biopsy on the right front leg. My
Pathologist says that it looks like bone necrosis
or osteoporosis.
Is there a stain that I can do to show bone
necrosis? In looking at the X-rays a bullet was
found, and she is wondering if it could be
necrosis because of the bullet instead of
Does anyone have suggestions?
Thank you in advance,

Patricia Adams, HT (ASCP)
Tuskegee University
School of Veterinary Medicine

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