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Initially I found to get new thermometer each year was easier and economical, but after some research I came up with a cheaper solution. Now  in our lab we recalibrate NIST calibrated thermometer every year. We keep two sets of thermometers for each freezer and fridge and recalibrate and use them alternate year.One which is currently in use is just got calibrated in January,07and will expire in January,08. The other one which is expiring  in Feb ,07 we will send for recalibration in December ,07 which will come back by January,08 and we will use recalibrated one for the next year. We send our thermometer.to the following company. .   Calibration Services
  Control Company
  4455 Rex Road 
  Friendswood, TX 77546
  They charge $15 for each thermometer and $8 for shipping. We get two thermometer done in $50 including shipping from both ways. I found it cheaper that way then buying new thermometer each year. I believe that calibration can be done in house too. I am sure  there are very  smart people out there in this field who may have better ways to deal with this issue.
Lester Raff <LRaff <@t> lab.uropartners.com> wrote:
  Do labs generally recalibrate/recertify NIST calibrated thermometers?
If so, how and how often?

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