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Mon Feb 12 13:38:25 CST 2007

This is a quick email to invite you to attend the Quantitative Imaging Cytometry Symposium hosted by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories taking place in Woodbury, Long Island, NY on February 20. The scientific content of the symposium reflects focus on targeted drug discovery and companion biomarker validation, more specifically tissue and cell-based biomarkers. Presentations relevant to tissue analysis are highlighted below:


1.   "An introduction to Laser Scanning Cytometry:  Individuals Cells and Whole Tissues"  (LSC technology and applications update, with focus on apoptosis and tissue analysis), William Telford, PhD, Core Flow Cytometry, NIH/NCI, Bethesda, MD 

2.  "Quantitative analysis of JNK signaling in a mouse model of Parkinsons disease by Laser Scanning Cytometry" - Deirdre Buckley, PhD, Cold Spring Harbor Laborator y

3.  "Pharmacodynamic monitoring of molecular cancer therapeutics at the preclinical and early clinical stages of development" - David W Hedley, MD, Dept. of Medical Oncology and Hematology, Division of Experimental Therapeutics, Princess Margaret Hospital/Ontario Cancer Institute, University of Toronto  

4.  "An automated method to monitor skin mast cells by Laser Scanning Cytometry"  Gloria Juan, Sr. Scientist, Clinical Immunology, Amgen  

5.  "LSC analysis of tissue microarrays:  Application to subcellular localization of p27 and prostate cancer recurrence" - Peter Gann, MD, ScD, Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago  

6.   "Quantitative Imaging Cytometry:  Technology to support the new role of pathology in the era of specific targeted therapies"- William Geddie, MD, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto  

7. "Quantification of Three Color Quantum Dot Labeled Pancreatic Hormones using the Laser Scanning Cytometer" - David Krull, Senior Scientist, Molecular and Ultrastructural Pathology, GlaxoSmithKline Safety Assessment, Research Triangle Park, NC


Full agenda and registration:



Scott Baldwin MT(ASCP)

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