[Histonet] GPR58 antibody

Ana MERINO-TRIGO ana.merino-trigo <@t> wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 11 10:09:40 CST 2007

Hello Histonet, 

I was wondering if anyone has experience with GPR58, G protein coupled receptor (alias TAAR2, trace amine associated receptor 2) human antibody from LifeSpan using Ventana. So far, I've had no luck on paraffin sections. I will need to test the expression on human pancreas (paraffin sections). I'm using human cerebelum as positive control, as it's described in the literature to be expressed in this tissue. 

I've tested, CC1, CC2 and protease using DAB kit for the developing. With CC2 I do lose mostly of my tissues, no sure if is a buffer batch problem or if conditions are really strong for cerebellum tissue.

Any advice it will be really appreciate it. 
thanks a lot, 

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