[Histonet] formalin fixed mouse ears-help

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Fri Feb 9 09:20:13 CST 2007


Since you did not say what your processing schedule is for these ears, I 
suspect infiltration in paraffin is not very good so extend the time there 
and use a vacuum.  This still denser tissue even though it appears very 
thin, and those layers can be a problem.   Try at least three changes under 
vacuum.  Hopefully you have vacuum and pressure on your processor, and 
don't add heat to the processing solvents, these are skinny dry tissues to 
begin with.

4. Lower the temperature of the water bath and don't over soak a trimmed 
block on ice water.

Nothing is silly or simple if you are having problems.  Good luck

>I'm having problems with 10% neutral buffered formalin fixed mouse ears
>embedded in paraffin. They are splitting from the cartilage as soon, and
>I mean, as soon as they hit the water bath.
>I'm open to any suggestions, no matter how silly or simple. This is a
>chronic problem and these mouse ears will continue to be submitted to me
>for a long time.

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