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Wed Feb 7 01:08:53 CST 2007

In 1970 I worked with a research histochemist, Bob Wyllie of blest memory, an 
Australian who I wish had published some of the things he knew.

He took one of the old 1960's Damon-IEC black-box cryostats, cleaned all the 
lubricant out of it, and lubricated it (daily, admittedly an inconvenience) 
with a silicone lubricant, packed the cryostat with dry ice, and cut thin 
sections of straight fat.

I may have the specs for the lubricant around here someplace - I tried to 
steal all his secrets that year - he was very helpful about that - Only English 
speaker I ever met who could cuss in Vietnamese.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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