[Histonet] RE: Art vs. Science

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Mon Feb 5 10:09:35 CST 2007

Pat wrote:

>>  I have to agree with Barry on this one.  While the science of  
histology can be learned, albeit sometimes with great effort, and  
those who have expended that considerable effort to acquire  
proficiency at tissue preparation and staining can be justifiably  
proud of their accomplishment, being considered an artist is  
recognition by others that your work transcends proficiency.  An  
artist is not only a competent technician or craftsman, but also  
possesses an innate ability to produce work that is aesthetically  
pleasing and has value beyond the diagnostic.  I would hope all of us  
would aspire to produce work that is not only acceptable and useful,  
but actually beautiful.

Personally, I can think of no greater compliment to a scientist than  
that his or her work is beautiful.<<

Bravo this! And I love your sig as well.

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