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                    I'm another Catalyser user and have been for many years.
It's flexible, friendly and easy to use.

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Dear Rosemary

You might consider looking at "Catalyzer" from
Axiope (www.axiope.com). It is a very versatile
cataloging system, and  can be downloaded for
free for use on a single computer, if you want to
try it, but the full version runs with a server.

I'm currently implementing Catalyzer in my own
work, and I find it very easy to use and
extremely flexible. It comes with Leica-import
filters, although I haven't tried those yet.

(I have no commercial interest)

best wishes


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>Dear all,
>Has anyone solved the problem of a user-friendly image or other type of
>database system that can incorporate attached spreadsheets, text documents,
>manuscripts, pdfs, etc. in a useful way?  I work in a government lab in
>which we are supposed to document rigorously everything we do in a standard
>A4 lab book, which is eventually transduced into an electronic record
>in theory, is kept forever.  This record-keeping system is called TRIM, and
>I know nothing about it except that the archivist rolled her eyes when I
>suggested that they incorporate some or all of the digital image data
>generate these days.
>The system was started before the flood of digital images plus image
>analyses, etc. began.  I'd like at least our microscopy lab to switch to a
>fully electronic system - no hard copy lab book.  Anyone know of a good
>system that molecular biologists and agronomists and everyone in between
>would actually use?
>Seems like the main requirement of any system is that people will use
>thanks for any ideas,
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