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Aprill Watanabe awatanabe <@t> tgen.org
Mon Dec 31 08:19:39 CST 2007

Hi all,

I agree with many of the posters that your first question in deciding on a
machine is how much off-line work you want to be involved in.  Next you
should think about tech experience, how open a machine needs to be for your
lab, etc.  With that said I work in a research lab and evaluated Ventana,
DAKO, Biocare's Nemesis, and the Leica (vision biosystems) BondX machine.
We do have a lot of novel antibodies to work up but also do many standards
as well.  We found that the reagents, platform and userability from the
BondX was what we needed.  We can adapt all of our protocols to fit on their
machine and we found the detection kits to be superb.  I did not at first
want this machine but I was sold on the staining we were able to get using
their reagents and platform.  I have been able to adapt all my mouse and
rabbit primary antibodies to their detection kits usually pushing out titers
and using shorter runs.  The machine bakes, dewaxes, antigen retrieves,
stains, and counterstains.  We really like the capability we have with this
machine.  We also have had great technical/customer support since we have
had the machine.  This is just my two cents.

Aprill Watanabe, B.S.
Research Associate
Tissue Microarray Center (TMA)
Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)
awatanabe <@t> tgen.org

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