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We are having problem with tissue falling off the slides when we run the
breast panel on the Ventana XT for examination with the VIAS instrument.
 The PR, ER, Ki67 and Her2 tends to fall off.  We use "plus" slides and
place them in 45 degree oven overnight and they still fall of.

Any suggestions?

HI Godfrey,
Are these the ONLY slides that the tissue is falling off?
That seems interesting!  If you can run the XT and everything else stays
on, I'd look at the differences in your protocols, between the breast
markers and everything else...I understand your protocols can't be
changed if you are using the FDA approved protocols, but you might be
able to determine the problem and adjust.

If you are drying overnight at 45'C do you think the oven is holding
moisture in?    Sometimes these ovens are more like incubators and they
don't really dry out the paraffin.
Just my 2 cent's worth but I would put the slides where there is good
airflow, even if it's room temp, overnight(perhaps under a hood?)

.  Then I would put them in a 60'C oven for about 20 minutes.
This ensures complete drying and then at the higher temp "bakes" the
tissue onto the slide.  Your XT should do a little "baking" too before
it begins the Depar process.

One other test I would do is run 2 sets of slides. One protocol using
the depar function on the XT and the other set to  run without the depar
and depar these slides offline...just to see if you can determine what
step the tissues starts washing off.

Hope this helps.

Anatomic Pathology
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

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