[Histonet] tissue burnt/dried on processor

curt tague opiecurt <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Dec 10 09:59:16 CST 2007

to summarize, we had some of the reagents errantly changed on the tissue processor. some of the 100% alc. seem to have been changed with 95% which we thing resulted in water in the tissue through the xylene and wax. however, the tissue was really dry and brittle.... i would really love to resolve this problem rather than tell the clients that their tissue is destroyed beyond repair. i have a picture i can forward to you if anyone would like to take a look. basically, the epi, on skins specifically, is staining really light. almost like we didn't leave it in there long enough? pathologists were not happy to say teh least.
  please help, let me know if i can forward the pic.

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