[Histonet] Golgi slide bubbles

Philip Oshel oshel1pe <@t> cmich.edu
Fri Dec 7 12:40:37 CST 2007

Are these bubbles forming within the section, or intruding from the edges?
If the former, all I can think of is Don Ho and "Tiny Bubbles". It's 
Friday and too few students are worrying about finishing their term 
If the latter: I used to have this problem mounting 50 to 200 micron 
Golgi sections of goldfish brains. The solution was to put a 1/2 to 1 
oz (14 to 28 g, keep it SIU) weight (fishing line weights work well) 
on the coverslip, and add mountant as needed to fill in the bubbles 
from the edge.


>Doing Golgi-Cox staining of mouse brains and am having a problem with
>bubbles appearing under the coverslip after va few days. I'm
>guessing it's due to the solvent evaporating from the thick mounting
>medium. Sections were cut frozen using the Kolb and McClimans (1986)
>cryostat technique. 100 micron sections, DPX  mounting medium.
>Any suggestions?
>Bob Nienhuis

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