[Histonet] uranium - question for microscope slide manufacturerspossibly

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Before the hysteria sets in, I have a suggestion.
	1.  Find out what levels of Uranium is being detected, and what the isotopes are.  URL:  http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/tfacts150.pdf 
	2.  Check for the radioactivity of the glass by grinding a gram of it to a powder and using a scintillation detector to determine the radioactivity.

Read the attachment.


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I don't think that any coating will "block" the uranium if it is present (a physics thing).
  Try to contact the manufacturer to find aout about the uranium contents of their raw (silicon) material.
  René J.

Andrea Grantham <algranth <@t> u.arizona.edu> wrote:
  I have a question about slides containing concentrations of uranium.

One of my investigators is working on a project where they are 
lasering tissue off of slides and checking it for the amount of 
uranium in the tissue. The laser actually vaporizes the tissue and it 
goes into a machine where it is tested for uranium content. They were 
getting some strange readings and tested the slides alone without 
tissue and found that the slides alone had a pretty high uranium content.

So she is asking - Is there some coating to put on the slides to 
block the uranium?

My question is this - is there really uranium in slides and just how 
much uranium is in a glass slide? Can this be dangerous?

Are there some slides out there that do not contain uranium?

I hope somebody has an answer for my weird question of the day.


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