[Histonet] Tracing Nerves with India Ink?

Geoff McAuliffe mcauliff <@t> umdnj.edu
Fri Aug 31 13:44:34 CDT 2007

Hi Angelina:

    There are lots of ways to trace nerves, both retrograde and 
anterograde. Go to the library and get a copy of  "Neuroanatomical tract 
tracing Methods" by ........  I forget.


Angelina Fong wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> My supervisor told me and one of the grad student about tracing nerves 
> with India Ink.  We have had no luck finding any references where 
> people have used this technique and was wondering if anyone has any 
> experience with this?
> The reason we need this is to try and trace the vagus nerves in fixed 
> reptiles to try to find some of the finer terminal branches of the 
> vagus.  We can see a large ganglion so we are inject dyes into the 
> ganglion to allow it to travel down the nerve.  The idea for using 
> India Ink was so we can see the nerves go black without any further 
> processing.  We want to see if we can see where the nerves terminate 
> before removing the section of blood vessels where the terminates are 
> so we can dissect out the appropriate section for further processing.
> Our supervisor said he's seen it done with India Ink, but we will 
> entertain any ideas.
> Appreciate any help you can give us.
> Angelina

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