[Histonet] damage to dura

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If you are damaging the dura you are almost certainly disrupting/hitting 
the arachnoid and opening the sub-arachnoid space, thus allowing changes 
in CSF pressure.


Caroline Bass wrote:
> Hey guys,
> i have a question I thought may be good for the group.  I am doing 
> stereotax surgeries on rats, basically making lesions in the 
> prefrontal cortex.  There are two potential sham controls, one where a 
> vehicle is injected the other where the holes are drilled but nothing 
> is injected.  So here's the problem.  In the no injection sham (i.e. 
> only holes are drilled) the animals display an alteration of the 
> behavior we're interested in.  The tissue looks good, and there is no 
> sign of infiltration of immune cells in the PFC by cresyl violet.  
> However, the dura does have some damage where the drill pierced the 
> skull.  We use a standard dremmel.
> Are there any suggestions for what could be going on?  Is there an 
> immune response we should specifically look for, or is there something 
> else about the dura that could be affecting our system?  Does anyone 
> know of how dura damage can alter nearby brain areas?
> Any and all advice is appreciated.
> Caroline
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